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In The Peacock Project's first chapter, aspirant novelist Sabrina Bell realizes her relationship with Lawrence is going nowhere. Come to think of it, so is her attempt to bag an international book deal… As for her 'dream job' at Glossy magazine, it's morphed into a nightmare. Will she find a way to ditch her stressful office job and find a publisher? Is her true love somewhere out there, or should she stick with Mr So-So?

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In The Peacock Project's second chapter, Sabrina Bell moves to the Mini Villa, a tiny apartment in unfashionable suburbia. While lying on her Blue Sofa, she tries to get over her relationship with commitment-phobe Lawrence, and decides to relaunch herself as a novelist (when she feels inspired again). After spending a therapeutic weekend at the Guru's country house, she finds herself reluctantly agreeing to join a Writers' Circle. This homespun group couldn't be further from her dream of publishing stardom, but perhaps it's a start.

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In the Peacock Project's third chapter, Sabrina Bell grudgingly heads to the Writers' Valley to attend the first session of the Guru's creative writing course. Surprisingly, it doesn't go too badly. In fact, it's rather fun and diverting, and there's even an interesting man in the circle: Gareth Rudd, a caramel-skinned sensualist who might just provide the perfect nourishment for a woman trudging through a love desert. Sabrina's only problem now is sustaining the concentration necessary to write her novel…

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